Ordar Fashion Pvt Ltd is committed to the development of an inclusive e-commerce ecosystem in India, which facilitates the transition of both sellers and buyers towards an increasingly digital world.


Technology is often disruptive but need not be destructive.We have consciously designed our business processes to strengthen and not supplant India's existing and vibrant retail sector. We strive to provide pan-lndia access to India's small and medium businesses to help them grow by serving a larger market


We aim to democratise online access for buyers living in under-served regions and those spending on a budget.We offer them high-quality choices at value-driven prices.We combine these with high levels of seamless customer experience standards,which are at par with those available to premium buyers in metro cities


We are also committed to growing economic opportunities beyond the Top 10 Indian cities by employing personnel and contracting with service providers from smaller cities and towns. We believe such efforts will help India's digital dividend benefit additional sections of our society.


We strive to promote the awareness and adoption of environmentally conscious practices through our choices and actions which includes mininisation of energy consumption across our facilities


As one of India's leading online brands, we touch the lives of millions of users and service partners


The cumulative impact of  our initiatives will help promote and preserve a safe, sustainable and empowering ecosystem for all.


At Ordar Fashion Pvt Ltd, we aim to become India’s go to shopping destination for value conscious consumers-both online and offline.
We believe in transforming people’s lives and meet their aspirations through a sustainable ecosystem that is built on trust, respect, inclusion and conscientiousness.

Positive Impact is at the core of Ordar Fashion Pvt Ltd’s strategy.


Ordar Fashion Pvt Ltd’s mission is to help Indian families unlock and achieve their aspirations by acquiring trendy and stylish products at affordable prices. We believe that our users should be able to experience the joy of living their aspirations through reliable, value-for-money shopping.



Working hours: Monday to Friday (9:00 - 18:00)
Address: Bldg No.363, 19’ Main Road, Block 1,Rajaji Nagar, Bangalore - 560010